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Post War

By 1939, although the Church was still relatively strong, the best was over. Many repairs were really required, but the chance of starting a ‘Post War Fund’ which was suggested, was never taken up. Most activities ceased, especially evening ones, although the Church activities themselves were maintained.

After the War there was some revival. The Sunday School was again built up to over 80, and in 1951 during renovations the entrance was improved and a new Communion Rail and Table were added, the table being made by one of the members.

Photo taken at the re-opening after the renovations in 1951

It has been noticed since then that the Church Clock had only 59 minutes to its face. Nobody knows if it happened during these renovations or whether it was carried over from some former time. Perhaps it was part of a Campaign for shorter sermons!

The clock, probably the only part of the interior to survive, now on display at the Warmley Heritage Museum. Count the minutes between VII and VIII.

The neighbourhood was now growing fast and it was decided that more improvements were needed, so in 1958 an extra room was added at the back of the schoolroom, for use as a Primary. It also proved useful for many other meetings.

The photo shows the exterior of the Primary extension as it appears today.

It was put to use straight away as Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade (at that time called Girls’ Life Brigade) Companies were started, later registered as 8th Bristol BB and 1st Warmley GB.

Unfortunately, although the work amongst young people was maintained well, the adult congregation was still diminishing. There were increased repair problems with an ageing building and as the Methodist authorities were reluctant to permit any borrowing of money repairs had to be deferred until they could be paid for. In a time of inflation this became increasingly difficult. The Church was, however, re-roofed using tiles instead of the original slates, and oil fired heating was installed.