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Good Friday

The Church was for a long time in the same Methodist Circuit as, and shared a Minister with, Staple Hill Methodist Church. The tradition was for the choir at Staple Hill to walk to Wesley on Good Friday and sing at the evening service. To this end, the Warmley Wesley Sunday School would walk down to Siston Common on the Friday afternoon to meet them, and they then retired to Wesley for Tea before the Good Friday Evening Service.

When the Methodist Circuit reorganised and the link with Staple Hill was broken, the question was what should Wesley do on the Good Friday. The Sunday School decided to run a number of Rambles, split by age, for the children. The oldest age group walked up to Landowne and returned to the church in time for tea.

A Good Friday Service was then held in the church. These Good Friday Rambles continued up until the closure of the church. They were used as a discussion point with the children, the length of the walk being a similar distance to that covered by the Disciples from Jerusalem to Emmaus.

An Easter Garden in the Schoolroom. Probably in the late 1950s or early 1960s.