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Methodist Finale

In spite of strenuous efforts for a number of years the local Methodist Society decided in 1978 that they were no longer able to continue, as the financial strain was beyond them, and on 3rd September 1978 they held their last services. They were conducted by the Church Stewards, one of whom claimed a direct descent from some of the original founders.

The Methodists expressed a wish to their Church Authorities that the Catholics, with whom they had been friendly over so many years should be allowed to buy the Church building as they wished to do, and this eventually happened. Once again, through another change of ownership, the Worship of God continued without a break.

History Written about 1979 by Dennis. A Dunn.

The First Service as a Catholic church.

The clock (still with 59 minutes) can be seen in position.

The Front of the Church on reopening as a Catholic Church

The wooden pulpit area has been removed and replaced with a low raised platform, in fact, the front of the church must be very similar to when it opened its doors in 1833.